Street Fighter is one of those titles that takes you back in time. Although our country has not lived or matured, a real culture of arcade arcades, it cannot be said that somehow the cabinets were not an integral part of the childhood of most of the players born between the years 80s and 90s. In addition, the genus of fighting it also lives on a sub-culture that no other genre can boast. Being an integral part of this community, as a novice or veteran, is not far from being part of a club (it would be said: of a cult), where it is necessary to know the label and the basic rules for sur-live within a real ecosystem, which is based on precise and essential laws. In fact, it is known that beat'em up are the most difficult titles for a novice to face, and although some lend themselves very much to being taken in hand even for a few afternoons together with friends for cheerful and disgruntled fist fights, others show a steep learning curve, unapproachable for those looking for hit and run matches like a party game. Street Fighter V, for those who have never faced a similar title, may be part of this second category, yet a slightly deeper look is enough to understand how it actually is an exceptional "first encounter" for anyone wishing to enter the complex and multifaceted world of fighting games, and it is precisely to them that this piece is dedicated.

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Tatsumaki Senpuu kyaku!

Frame trap, block stun, overhead, poke: Just a handful of some terms you can run into Street Fighter V when you leave the tip of the iceberg and start digging a little deeper. Obviously, they are all valid terms for most of the fighting games in general and yes, they can be very scary, given the myriad of information they hide. It is not necessary to know all the terminology related to the genre to take the pad in hand and start playing, but at the same time if you want to proceed in this dark forest, sooner or later you will have to deal with what is "beyond the veil" . Either way, the Capcom title manages to meet the rookie both in-game and not. The tutorials and challenges, while not boasting the completeness of other series such as Guilty Gear, manage to provide the smattering necessary to understand the rudiments of the "language" that constitutes a 2D fighting game and at the same time offer all the tools to indicate which could to be the most suitable character for us. In addition, the official Capcom website hosts much more comprehensive and precise guides on the fighter roster of the fifth chapter. The Champion Edition of Street Fighter V boasts well forty characters selectable, a truly impressive fighter park for anyone looking for the first time this brand iteration. There is really an embarrassment of choice, and obviously some characters are expressly designed to meet the novice players (The classic Ryu, Cammy, Ed, Birdie, Necalli, etc) who will be able to learn the foundations of the game with easy characters to master but still able to give some satisfaction. As said at the beginning, Street Fighter V proves to be an exceptional teacher for anyone who wants to become familiar with a genre as fascinating as it is difficult, and shows it thanks to these wrestlers who are able to perfectly delineate the game experience and all its facets, without however, to give the less prepared player a difficult to use avatar.

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Using these characters, in addition to allowing anyone to have fun right away, also offers an advantage that may appear secondary but is instead fundamental: the intelligibility of the clashes. In short, although in the first games you feel tremendously "noob" it is easy to immediately understand your mistakes. A shot given by the wrong distance, a poorly calculated special or an incorrect timing in the execution of an input can lead to harmful consequences, but at the same time the error proves so obvious that it is almost impossible not to immediately draw a lesson from it. After all, you know: You learn by making mistakes. And if before now this sentence has seemed to you only a common place of little importance, it will soon become a mantra embedded in your hypothalamus.

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But Capcom's merit for the ease of readability of the clashes expands throughout the cast and, with some deliberate exceptions removed, watching a match, even at high levels, is always clear and understandable, thanks to the cleanliness of animations and fluidity of action in every moment. V Skill and V Trigger they add an extra layer of layering to the fights and can provide new tools or modes to the characters, radically changing the approach in the fights. Cammy, for example, can go behind his opponents with his V Skill and at the same time avoid bullets like the classic Hadouken of the Shotokan characters (Ken, Ryu, Akuma, etc) while thanks to the V Trigger he can enhance his specials. Although in the early days this system could be a bit sacrificed, the advent of a second option for the Trigger / Skill dedicated to each component of the roster manages to refresh the style of play even more. This introduction has definitely proved to be a panacea for the production, also going to re-balance some characters with poorly performing V Skill and V Trigger, and although some wrestlers still reside on the lowest point of the tier list, in principle Street Fighter V looks like a fairly balanced fighting game to date. Once you have learned the basics and having accumulated a lot of clashes with your "main", you can deepen, and delve into that splendid and terrifying world that was mentioned previously, choosing whether to switch to a more complex alter ego or to anchor oneself with those who accompanied us outside the dark forest, trying to learn every little facet of it. Given the amount of characters available and the diversity of the same, Street Fighter V Champion Edition is revealed a rich buffet dedicated to all lovers of the genre, also and perhaps above all to the less experienced.

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Capcom, but it is not the only one, has always accustomed us to a myriad of versions for its titles, especially the fighting games, especially Street Fighter. The countless Arcade Alpha Super Turbo Edition, have become real hallmark of the franchise, provoking the irony of the web on more than one occasion, so much so that Guacamelee games have made a lot of irony on the "modus operandi" of the Japanese software house, using the names of the full versions of their titles with little arrows not too veiled towards Ryu and his companions. So it is difficult, to date, to determine whether this version will actually be the most complete: it is not said that in 2020 a new Character Pass will not be released, yet the Champion Edition of Street Fighter V is truly a perfectly complete product. From very low price, this version of the title is truly irresistible for anyone who finally wants to buy Street Fighter V (and to be honest even those who own the base game and the first two Character Passes). Accessing the Champion Edition provides us with the complete roster, as well as all the stages and costumes contained in the four Character Passes, which have expanded the gaming experience over the years. There isn't really everything all: the stage is missing four stages and a handful of costumes, which can be unlocked or purchased later because they are not part of any season pass, but these are minimal shortcomings that, although evident, do not affect the quantity and quality of the offer of this version. For those who remember the dawn of Street Fighter V, the milestone achieved can only be impressive, filing, changing and smoothing the many imperfections of a title that definitely started off on the wrong foot.


"It's a long way to the top, if you wanna Rollback Netcode"

When a production bases the fulcrum of its play experience on the online sector, especially the PVP, there is a word that torments and torments the players: netcode. The success of a game against other players depends largely on the online infrastructure, and while considering that the single connection exploited by each participant in the clash is essential for an enjoyable experience, it is necessary that the production is based on a system of solid and fluid netcode. Nowadays the choices are between Delay based netcode and Netcode rollback, which start from a similar basis but treat connection problems (ping and therefore lag) in a completely different way. Without going into too many details, the Rollback has proven capable of solving almost all connection problems, preventing the game from getting stuck in the middle of the action and that the players always have to calculate the delay frames needed to respond to the opponent or attack successfully. The Rollback netcode is therefore the best solution for a fighting game, in which the speed of the assimilation of the actions of both players is necessary to have the best possible matches, managing to return a feeling almost identical to the offline game with very minimal compromises. Unfortunately, Street Fighter V, although based on this type of netcode, did not work on the system at best, affecting the players with various problems due to a poor implementation of the Rollback. Capcom's treatment of this thorny problem, that is, total indifference, has led many players to set aside the title, but here's the news: with this Champion Edition there is also a official update addressed exclusively to the netcode and the balance of the same, which should fix long-standing problems once and for all. Capcom therefore intervenes, with great delay, and finally listens to the requests of the players, a real pity, however, that the arrival of this update was not concomitant with the release of the Champion Edition, preventing it from being analyzed during the review. Either way, if the patch were to actually heal, the Street Fighter V experience may change once and for all, allowing players the experience that they have always requested and that has always been theirs.


Eye of the Tiger (Uppercut)

The advent of the Champion Edition represents the sum of everything that Street Fighter V means today in the world of fighting games, still imperfect but definitely worthy of the success that such an important brand deserves to have. Of course, it would have been preferable that the Champion Edition had debuted on the market backed by the much-desired fix of the netcode, which should instead be effective while you read these lines, but the work done by Capcom is still commendable. On the strength of this new edition from exceptional quality / quantity / price ratio and a theoretically cleaner and more digestible online, Street Fighter V could see the beginning of a new era now. "Sunday" players or those unfamiliar with online gaming will probably be scalded by a single player who proves to be just enough and a difficult game system to match "hit and run" games, for everyone else, especially for players who want to take a fighting game seriously for the first time, Street Fighter V Champion Edition represents a dream come true.