Metro Exodus perhaps he had the merit (or demerit) of having started to the war of the exclusive, more or less temporary, of video game distribution platforms on PC. Fortunately it seems that also the Steam version of the title, in addition of course to the Epic Games Store, went well in terms of sales.

To deal this is the CEO of Embracer Group, Lars Wingefors, the proprietary holding of THQ Nordic.

“Metro Exodus performed well on Epic and I'm really happy with that. That doesn't mean I'm not happy with the performance on Steam; indeed, these first few days have been fantastic. I think it's just a great game. People just love playing great games and I hope it will continue to sell well in the coming years across all platforms. "

During the statements made also had the opportunity to praise the solidity of the financial results obtained by Shenmue III. Clearly remarking and redefining it a niche product.