The mode Team Brawl 20 vs 20 by Fortnite, will receive some changes with the release of the Season 2 of Chapter 2 scheduled for tomorrow.

In detail:

  • All weapons will have Rare, Epic or Legendary rarities
  • Bandages will be removed
  • The redistribution of the hang glider will be free of charge and will no longer occupy an inventory slot
  • 150 units of material will be made available to each player at the start of the game
  • Skill-based matchmaking will be disabled
  • The elimination target will be increased to 125

Aside from the hang gliding change, the other big improvement is disabling skill-based matchmaking. Complete chaos, regardless of skill level, seems to adapt better to the atmosphere of the Team Brawl. Obtaining materials at the start of the game means that we can immediately start building our fortifications, without having to abandon the action to find a "quiet" place.

We remind you that the new Fortnite update will be available tomorrow, 20 February.