In the past few hours the famous magazine Bloomberg has published an interesting report according to which Sony would be struggling to set the price of PlayStation 5, since some components are becoming scarce on the market.

The problems would be mainly in the NAND flash memory and in the components DRAM, which if combined with the fact that Sony has decided to provide a NVME SSD in each PS5, a component that is also necessary for smartphone manufacturers, they could raise the price of the console to 450€.

Mass production of the console is expected to begin in the spring, and despite the fact that the company had already established the launch price for the past generations in February, nothing is known about the PlayStation 5 nowadays. We will therefore have to see how Sony will come out of this impasse, given that many of the Japanese company's investors would not want to sell almost at a loss the console, as it happened with PlayStation 4, which only yielded 19$ per unit sold at launch.

All this obviously could become a serious problem if the company were forced to price the new console at a price higher than that of Xbox Series X, this could in fact lead to an inverse result compared to what happened at the beginning of this gen, when Xbox One was launched at € 500 (due to "Kinect"), against the € 400 of PlayStation 4.