The vast majority of gamers from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare For some time they have been asking for a method Battle Royale.

It seems to be finally possible the time has come the implementation of this game mode. Some users have indeed noticed within the cinematic dedicated to 2 season, some frames in which soldiers launch themselves with a parachute. Of course, you may think this is very little to report such a man rumor, but to support this indiscretion we think the reddit community.

Video of Full Battle ROYALE Map from modernwarfare

In the post in question just reported, some data miner have found in the code of Call of Duty the same map present in the cinematic we told you about. From the video posted by the users themselves it seems clear and plausible that this map can be dedicated to a phantom mode Battle Royale.

It therefore seems at least a probable one imminent announcement. We will look forward to receiving further updates to bring to your attention. Maybe in conjunction with an official comment on the story related to Nvidia GeForce Now.