From its arrival in stores until today, the players of Borderlands 3 they were able to explore their characters' abilities up to the starting limit of the level 50. The latter, however, will soon be removed ... but not too much.

Gearbox Software announced, through their podcast on Twitch, the slight increase of this limit of 3 levels, bringing the maximum level to 53. Always through the podcast, the creative director of the title Greaeme Timmins justified this choice:

“Compared to Borderlands 2, the skills in the skill tree of this title are much more incisive between one and the other. Offering the possibility of obtaining 30 additional levels as in the previous chapter would have destroyed the balance of the game and homogenized everyone's builds. In this case, we will do otherwise. The first increase will be three levels. In the long run, we are exploring other ways to encourage player growth that may not involve the use of skill points. "

The new levels will come Thursday February 13 together with the new event, Broken Hearts Day and small additions in terms of Quality of Life (jumpable cutscenes, revision of some mechanics etc.)