The first year of life of The Division 2 it did not go exactly like Ubisoft he would have hoped: despite a very full-bodied, fun and well-cared for campaign, the game failed to continuously involve the playerbase, showing over time some structural gaps concerning the part relating to the endgame and in particular to the Black Zone, the flagship of the first chapter.

Massive Entertainment however she is not willing to throw in the towel and is ready to relaunch the game with the first DLC of Year 2.

Warlords of New York, this is the title revealed by some leaks and confirmed by a teaser published by Ubisoft Latinoamerica, will be released on 3 March and, as easily understood, will bring the agents back to the Big Apple.

Not much is known about the content of the DLC yet, but to find out, you won't have to wait too long: the Warlords of New York reveal is scheduled for tonight at 20.00pm (Italian time), where it will also be presented "Coney Island: The Hunt", third episode of Year 1.

The appointment is on the official channels Twitch e mixer by The Division 2.