One of the most anticipated games for Nintendo Switch is definitely Animal Crossing: New Horizons, game that will try to modernize and change some of the cornerstones of the gameplay. Among the various changes, however, there may be something not really loved by the players: the in-app purchases.

According to what can be read from product page on the official Nintendo site, in fact, in the game it will be possible spend real money, although this may indicate both the presence of microtransactions both of future DLC.

The series isn't actually new to in-app purchases: already Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for mobile devices, it is widely used, but in this case we are faced with a free-to-play title, which lives from this.

Therefore Animal Crossing: New Horizons will also have in-app purchases, or so it seems at the moment. If Nintendo confirms this through a future Direct, how will you take this news?