During the recent investor conference, Take-Two has announced sales figures for two major stocks.

Red Dead Redemption 2, which he had sold in November 26,5 million copies, has seen this number rise to altitude 29 million after the release of the PC and Stadia versions.

Although Take-Two didn't specify it, according to a SuperData report sales in the digital market more than doubled with the arrival of the title on Steam: Red Dead Redemption 2 has indeed passed by 406.000 copies sold between Epic Games Store and Rockstar Launcher, to overcome abundantly the million copies once on the home platform Valve.

Take-Two also communicated how GTA5 has sold now 120 million copies, bringing Rockstar Games to a combined result of 150 million copies sold between the two titles e 250 million accounts created on them.


For Borderlands 3, on the other hand, the sales figure is slightly below 8 million units from the September release: a figure still far from 22 million achieved by Borderlands 2, but 50% higher than that obtained by the second chapter during the same life cycle.

Take-Two said it expected total sales higher than Borderlands 2, making the third installment the best-selling franchise.