The porting of The Outer Worlds to Nintendo Switch has been postponed and the cause is ... the Coronavirus.

Virtuous, the software house responsible for porting, has its offices in the cities of Chengdu and Xi'an, China, and both offices were closed during the spread of the Coronavirus and the consequent quarantine.

The Publisher, Private Division, he specified how the Virtuous boys are doing well, but which will take additional time to complete the Switch version of The Outer Worlds.

The game, initially expected in the stores for the March 6, he was therefore postponed to a later date, with the publisher who stated that he is already in contact with Virtuous for "Determine a new development path and communicate a new release date shortly".

The Outer Worlds - Nintendo Switch


Not just negative news regarding the title of Obsidian, However.

Take-Two has indeed declared itself very satisfied with the sales of The Outer Worlds, which has officially passed the 2 million units sold, far exceeding initial expectations.

In the Take-Two investor conference it was also specified that the release of the just postponed Switch version is expected for the next fiscal year (which starts in April).