In the past few hours, in an interview with IGN Japan, Atsushi Inaba, producer to Platinum Games, revealed that the studio would like to bring the saga of Bayonetta to a wider audience, releasing the brand's titles also on other platforms.

After the campaign Kickstarter this week, in which Platinum has reached the funds to bring The Wonderful 101 on Swtich, PlayStation 4 and Steam the studio would therefore intend to publish the titles that see the winking witch as protagonist even outside the Nintendo platforms.

Il second chapter is in fact only available on WiiU e Nintendo Switch, while the development team is working on a third chapter, always exclusively for Switch. However, having co-financed Bayonetta 2 and 3, Nintendo holds half of the IP rights, therefore the approval of the Japanese company would be necessary for the Bayonetta brand to also land on other platforms.

We just have to wait for Nintendo's news on the matter.