In the growing interest that many tech giants are showing in the gaming industry, this is proving to be a really competitive field. If once the contenders were simply Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, today Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple have added to compete for the remarkable profitability of the videogame industry. And Phil Spencer of Microsoft, in this regard, said that one was also derived different mentality: Microsoft is no longer trying to keep up with Sony and Nintendo, but is trying to keep up with Amazon and Google in the first place.

During an interview with ProtocolPhil Spencer has clearly defined his position in this regard: the gaming market has changed as well as the competition that revolves around it. As a result, the real threats from Microsoft are no longer represented by Sony and Nintendo.

"We respect them a lot, but we see Amazon and Google as the main competitors in the future"Said Phil Spencer. "Traditional gaming companies are, in a sense, out of position. I'm not going to compete with Sony and Nintendo according to classic standards, while Amazon and Google out there are looking for ways to involve 7 billion people in the gaming world. That is the goal."

Phil Spencer

In addition, relations between Microsoft and Nintendo are being made narrower During the years. The two companies have in fact recently experienced the crossplay, and it was even rumored that Xbox Live would have landed on Nintendo Switch at the beginning of 2019. The speech is different for Sony, which does not only deal with Playstation. In addition, it must also be considered that the Japanese company is not divulging much information on Playstation 5, waiting instead for further rumors about the Xbox Series X.

Of course, it's one of Phil Spencer's claims that has made the most discussion. Especially after the last interview in which, when asked about new gaming technologies, he said that "nobody was interested in VR". Of course, Google and Amazon have all the resources they need to experience them new technologies. Despite the doubtful happened of Google Stadia, it is understandable how Microsoft is looking for collaboration opportunities with Sony and Nintendo. In short, it seems that Phil Spencer is looking at the issue from a point of view wider compared to Sony.