Today is an important day for all lovers of The Sims given that the famous life simulator, which made entire generations of gamers fall in love, performs 20 years.

Ever since The Sims has been first published in 2000, players from all over the world have designed their perfect houses, created unique Sims and told their own stories. The Maxis Studio team has put together the funniest data and curiosities that summarize all the fun experienced by gamers over the past 20 years.

They have been created beyond 1,6 billion Sims, build further 575 million family units and more than 1,3 billion Fiki Fiki. These are impressive numbers, but those who know them know that Sims are always really busy!

We just have to celebrate this important milestone by reminding you that, for those who own the service PlayStation Plus, The Sims 4 will remain available for free for the whole month of February.

Happy birthday The Sims!