Atsushi Inaba e Platinum Games continue to be the center of attention. After the case The Wonderful 101 and statements regarding Astral Chain e Scalebound, the Producer also comments on the possibility of using the crowdfunding system.

Inaba explained that it was chosen to publish the fundraiser on kickstarter also for measure the actual interest of the audience. In addition, Platinum Games will only come to this kind of solution later careful evaluations.

“This is a separate case, it is not a question of money but a request for public participation to make this project a reality. So in the future it is not said that we will still use crowdfunding. But if there was such a case it is an option that we will consider "

Thus a scenario opens in which Platinum Games is no longer obligatorily bound to the financing of its projects by publishers, as in the case of Bayonetta.