Rayan Hernandez, 21, from California, has accepted a plea deal with Nintendo for the numerous confidential information stolen from the company by hacking. But theFBI during the investigation he discovered material of a far worse nature in his computer.

The story of Rayan Hernandez and his hacking against Nintendo begins in 2016. Together with a collaborator, the XNUMX-year-old phished a Japanese company employee by phishing in an attempt to obtain confidential information. The FBI found out, however, but simply warned Rayan and his parents of the possible consequences, should the boy attempt similar things in the future.

But Rayan didn't stop. Between 2018 and 2019 he managed to access several Nintendo servers by stealing a lot of information from the Japanese company.

The young man boasted of his exploits on Twitter, Discord, and on his "Rayan's Underground Hangout" site. Here he not only discussed the stolen information, but also the flaws in the security of Nintendo software. Following these actions, the FBI raided his home and found it on his computer "Thousands of confidential Nintendo files."

Rayan has therefore admitted his guilt and agreed to pay compensation dollars 259.323 to Nintendo. Despite the plea bargain, he still faces five years in prison for hacking. But as I anticipated, it didn't end there. During the search, in fact, the FBI found in the computer of Rayan child pornography, for the possession of which Hernandez faces up to twenty years in prison.