GTA V has already had its virtual reality debut, but the results were not tempting. This time, however, things are very different.

When VR had its debut with the first generation of viewers, many modders launched themselves on GTA V so that they could play it in virtual reality. It seems obvious, but the result of that time did not have the desired results, especially during the campaign missions since some present particular activities to the player, but also because it was more about game hacks than real mods.

Now years later, a modder has called LukeRoss00 he spent months perfecting a VR-specific GTA V first-person mod. The thing started as a memo of your headset, but slowly it resulted in what is now actually a working mod that allows you to enjoy the game from start to finish without problems.

LukeRoss00 has worked hard to achieve this, also going to change the game's FOV, so as to reduce the graphic glitches during the kinematics and adding support to the MSAA for those who have a performing PC and give defined images.

Currently the mod is downloadable from Github and is available for Oculus Rift, Htc Vive and Valve Index. What do you think of the mod? Will you still jump on GTA V now that it's playable in VR? In the meantime, you have heard that Did the Switch leaker plead guilty to hacking Nintendo?