In the past hours Nintendo he held a Q & A with Japanese investors, in which the president Shuntaro Furukawa spoke about the company's future plans Nintendo Switch. According to the manager's statements, Nintendo considers Switch a completely different console from those previously produced by the company, and at the moment the focus is to focus on the side software, supporting developers and games, so as to continue to maintain the device's strong popularity momentum.

Obviously Furukawa he also spoke of a possible future console from Nintendo, but which at the moment seems decidedly distant in time, and that the company's efforts are all concentrated on maintaining the Switch's life cycle as long-lived as possible:

We are also looking at the current market and we feel that there are many different ways of thinking about the future development of the console. On the other hand, software is also very important. So in the short term, as the Nintendo Switch installation base continues to expand, we have to focus a lot on this. With our main focus on Nintendo Switch, we believe we can have a much longer hardware lifecycle than previous Nintendo consoles.