Since the first gameplay videos and with the release of the game itself, Death Stranding has been defined, more or less rightly, a "walking simulator“, Given that the protagonist of the game throughout the adventure is forced to do kilometers and kilometers of walking and running.

Tiring for him, not so much for those who play pad in hand sitting on the sofa; so why not make sure that this effort is also transmitted to the player? The engineer Allen Pan it has so connected the PlayStation 4 DualShock to a treadmill, making sure that the left analog is replaced by our walk.

As you can see from the video, to play Death Stranding with the treadmill you still need the pad of PlayStation 4, but walking and running is all determined by our true movements, which costs effort and a lot of sweat.

The teasing of Hideo Kojima's game therefore became reality: Death Stranding is now a real walking simulator.