4K, 120fps, HDMR, expensive graphics cards to run games with amazing graphics. Then there are i flash games, those titles with which we spent hours and hours as children when choosing in various catalogs that offered hundreds of them and that we, promptly, tried a bit all because it didn't take much to bore us.

Yet there were small gems and soon all this will end, since Adobe has already announced the end of Flash support, the technology behind this "minigames". A piece of history that goes away, but luckily there are those who think about preserving it: Flashpoint indeed decided to collect in a 290GB package more than 36.000 flash games, emulated to work on PC without any problem.

Probably not all of these games deserve for a quality question, but to know you have a piece of history of the Internet available for download makes the entire collection a must have for all those who have grown up between one game and another on sites like Miniclip.

Ready to 290GB download? 36.000 flash games await you.