Fire Emblem Heroes, a strategic title from Nintendo for Android and iOS devices, will soon have a monthly subscription.

As we reported in this article, Nintendo has grossed over a billion dollars thanks to the paid content of its mobile titles. A monthly subscription for Fire Emblem Heroes is also on the way. The service, called Feh Pass, will be offered at the price of 9,49 dollars a month and will offer its subscribers two shining Heroes and four special perks.

- shining heroes will be characters already present in the game, but with a +2 to all statistics, a new outfit, new graphics and new descriptions. These will be distributed respectively on the 10th and 25th of each month, except for February which will see the arrival of Lyn on February 5th and Cordelia on the 24th.

Special perks will include:

  • Re-Act: will allow you to return to the beginning of the previous round;
  • Expanded Summoner Support: a link can be made with three heroes;
  • Auto-Start: will allow you to repeat a map as long as there is stamina.

The Fire Emblem Heroes: Feh Pass will be available from Wednesday 5 February with the 4.2 update of the game.