The actress of “TerminatorLinda Hamilton says the pressure to star in a million dollar blockbuster movie made her want to move away from the science fiction franchise permanently.

The 63-year-old actress resumed the role of Sarah Connor in the 2019 sequel, "Terminator: Dark Destiny". The final installment marked his return to the franchise with Arnold Schwarzenegger after decades apart.

Talking with The Hollywood ReporterHamilton said that the 2019 film did not meet box office expectations despite a positive critical reception. With "Dark Destiny" originally conceived as the start of a new trilogy, she was asked if she was confident in a possible sequel:

"No. Something tells me ... I don't know. I would really appreciate a smaller version, where not so many million dollars are at stake. Today's audience is so unpredictable. There is really too much at stake and I would be happy enough to never return to the franchise again. ”

She added: “So no, I'm not confident about a possible sequel. But if there is something new, being a rational person, I will always consider feasible projects ".

Hamilton originated the role of Sarah Connor in the 1984 film "Terminator", as well as in the 1991 sequel to director James Cameron, "Terminator 2: Judgment Day".

Another reason why the actress may wish to want to close with the franchise is the rigorous training she underwent to resume Sarah Connor's role in the film.

“I haven't been taking carbohydrates for a year. I worked really hard especially because of the thinness. " "It was really difficult, it was the most difficult and the biggest I've ever done."