What happens when a fan of the video game saga Yakuza decide to experience firsthand the events of Kazuma Kiryu, historical protagonist of the brand?

SuzuKube, a brand enthusiast, left for Japan with the aim of visiting Kamurocho, the Tokyo neighborhood served as inspiration for the game setting. Once in the capital, he was unexpectedly interviewed by Osamu Shitara e Yuki Himura, the two presenters of the Japanese program "YOU wa Nani Shi ni Nippon e?

By asking the boy the ritual question "why are you visiting Japan", they certainly would not have expected to get an answer: "I want to relive one of my favorite gaming experiences by visiting Kabukicho, the neighborhood popularized by the Yakuza series". The two, surely astonished, accompanied Suzukube on this journey to complete an entire reportage.

Once arrived in the neighborhood and excited in front of the iconic red gate that marks the entrance of Kabukicho, the young man had fun performing the possible actions also in the videogame saga, such as eating and playing in arcade games rooms.

Despite the fun, the boy is amazed at one thing: there are no criminals around ready to fight. Osamu Shitara and Yuki Himura, amazed by this exclamation, soon explained to the tourist that criminal organizations do not act openly and that the streets are safe.

Definitely an experience that every video game fan would like to live, don't you think?