The exploration of unknown places, hostile and full of different forms of life is perhaps one of the activities that most of all found space within the videogame transpositions. It's definitely not a new topic, and numerous games have drawn on it over the years. Just think of the most recent No Man's Sky, which has made people talk about themselves for better or for worse. But what happens when a concept of this type is placed in an ironic, light-hearted and truly original context? Simple, you find yourself playing at Journey To The Savage Planet. The title, developed by Typhoon Studios and published by 505 Games, will be available starting January 28 digitally and from January 31st in physical edition on PS4, Xbox One and PC. I can immediately cheer you up: if at first glance the game may seem like a simple comic and humorous re-presentation of the work of Hello Games, in reality it turns out to be much, much more.

Ready to start the Pioneer project

In Journey To The Savage Planet, we take on the role of an astronaut sent to discover a new planet called AR-Y 26 on behalf of Kindred Aerospace, an aerospace agency of dubious quality. Our goal is in fact to determine whether or not it is suitable for hosting human life, determined to broaden one's horizons. As soon as we put our hands on the pad, we wake up inside our shuttle, the Javelin, which has just landed on the mysterious planet. Its interior acts as a real central hub, from which we can interact with various instruments. By consulting the PC, for example, you can see the game statistics, collectibles and more. With the 3D printer instead we are able to improve the equipment available to our extravagant explorer.

Journey To The Savage Planet

The gameplay, once put nose out of the way to devote himself to exploration, is immediately revealed extremely functional, intuitive and funny. First of all we can launch a loud slap, normal or charged, both to get rid of environmental obstacles and of different creatures. We then have a secondary weapon, which can consist of grenades, baits or various tools, and a main weapon, or a rather versatile gun. By pressing a special button our protagonist is then able to scan the environment surrounding, to obtain more information and catalog new animal and plant specimens. It doesn't take long before you get carried away with the mobility of the game so as to make it your own, and in a short time everything is really rewarding and satisfying. The game interface is then simple and intuitive: opening the main menu we have access to the diary (in which the primary and secondary quests currently active are summarized), to the data of our character and to the "Kindice", a sort of compendium containing all the elements cataloged up to that moment.

Journey To The Savage Planet

Progression, what a passion

To help us in our adventure, many come to the rescue gadgets and upgrades to basic paraphernalia. First of all the thruster for jumps, which allows us to reach higher heights, or the proton cable, a real grapple thanks to which we can get to protrusions otherwise too high. Without forgetting the jetpack, the various enhancements of the viewer to scan the environment and, obviously, the improvements for our main weapon. In short, the developers have really gone wild, and our astronaut has nothing but thespoiled for choice. In order to perform all these upgrades, however, you must first find certain samples to scan and then use the four main materials in the game: aluminum, carbon, silicon and alien alloys. These minerals, with the exception of the alien league, can be easily found around the planet or by defeating the many hostile and non-hostile creatures that come across our path.

Journey To The Savage Planet

Keyword in Journey To The Savage Planet is progression, both of the equipment and of the character. By collecting the "orange slime" scattered around the planet it is in fact possible to increase maximum health and stamina, which makes us much more resistant to the various enemies. Then there are the scientific experiments, small and simple challenges to carry out which, if completed, increase the rank of our explorer,
allowing him to acquire even more effective upgrades than the previous ones. Then there are also several boss fight, each with a truly original and refined design. The clashes in question, as well as those against the various base creatures of AR-Y 26, should not be taken lightly. Although apparently not very demanding, they manage to really give a hard time, especially if you are unable to take an effective approach.

Journey To The Savage Planet

Really appreciated - even if I was able to try it for a short time - the component online cooperative with another player. If embarking on a solo adventure can prove particularly difficult in some situations, facing exploration together with a travel companion significantly reduces the likelihood of pulling the buck. In fact, collaborating with another player it is possible to heal each other, and all the resources found are preserved even when we return to playing in single player. This is undoubtedly a pleasant addition that only increases the value of the overall offer.

When exploration has no boundaries

The variety and vastness of the bizarre planet we are called to explore represent the load-bearing pillars on which Journey To The Savage Planet rests. But during our journey, coming across numerous creatures, from the most curious and adorable to the most hostile, is only one of the many elements that make up the game experience. If on the one hand it is therefore exploratory activity that is the master, on the other the game focuses a lot on solving different ones environmental puzzles e platforming sessions. It goes without saying that to be rewarded is therefore the skill and creativity of the player, as well as his ability to experiment with the various tools and tools to find the most suitable solution for the context it faces.

Journey To The Savage Planet

During our exploration in the various play areas we can also find some bring them to activate. Thanks to them our character is able to move, through rapid journeys, between the different places explored as well as returning to the main shuttle. The different settings are then interconnected with each other in an unusual but effective way. Seeing a mild forest immediately after crossing a frozen tundra is quite strange, but it is still pleasantly unusual to see. In this sense, the presence of a minimap would have been welcome, which it is absent. It is certainly not a particularly serious shortcoming, but it would certainly have simplified the lives of many (especially those who, like myself, suffer from a bad sense of direction, ed). Journey To The Savage Planet's flora and fauna are particularly rich and diverse, and discovering new animal and alien species from time to time, as well as decidedly out of the ordinary plants, gives a sense of immersion that really leaves you very surprised.

The aesthetics we like

From a technical and visual point of view, Journey To The Savage Planet is a real one joy for the eyes. The game runs very steadily at 30 FPS, with practically no drop in performance even in the most excited moments. Of course, it may happen that the title struggles in certain situations (the most distant enemies move with very few frames), but it is nothing so debilitating for our adventure. Even graphically the title is decidedly inspired and the design of monsters and settings presents a colorful style, cartoonish and lively that lets itself be loved right away. Very well cared for also the animations of our character, well done and really original.

Journey To The Savage Planet

An irony out of my mind

A constant backdrop to Journey To The Savage Planet is one ironic and satirical component that permeates the whole game atmosphere. There comic verve of the title can be really irreverent, pungent, and often results in a set of volunteer trash and humor nosense simply sublime. The descriptions of the enemies, the jokes of EKO (the AI ​​that there
guide in the adventure), the whole game world: each element of the title is presented in a humorous key, and it is really difficult to hold back the laughter. Not to mention the advertisements broadcast within the main shuttle. I don't want to tell you anything so as not to spoil the surprise: you just need to know that I am literally out of mind. Impossible not to rethink that irony of the old Ratchet and Clank for PS2, and being able to re-create that atmosphere is certainly a great added value.

Not to be missed for any reason

Journey To The Savage Planet is, in no uncertain terms, an occasion not to be missed. It starts with the premises of a No Man's Sky, while not sharing the sandbox component, but immediately moves away from it to create a style and a personality all of its own. The title is not a simple exploration game, since it has the characteristics and mechanics typical of one action shooter how much of a RPG. The quality level of this crackling mix is ​​such that the game is able to win you over, even if you are not avid fans of one of the aforementioned genres or even if you don't particularly love them. Typhoon Studios' debut feature is promoted with flying colors, and qualifies as more than a welcome surprise.

If you love fast-paced, lively and colorful games, if you love exploration and discovery or just gods compulsive completistsJourney To The Savage Planet is definitely the game that will satisfy everyone. The only flaw could be represented by the difficulty in orienting oneself, but it is something largely subjective and that in any case passes quietly in the background. Especially if we consider the quality of the title, which stands at levels really high. Take the ball and immerse yourself in the exploration of AR-Y 26, because once you set foot on this planet ... you will hardly want to leave, I guarantee you.