La Ndemic Creatons has witnessed a surge in sales of Plague Inc. mainly located in China. Users would be using the strategy game to learn more about how a disease spreads. This is because of the 830 cases of corona virus confirmed since the outbreak in China, 26 of which were fatal.

The game, released eight years ago, tests the player by challenging him to create a virus that can destroy all humanity before the scientific community can find a cure. James vaughn, the creator of Plague Inc., recommended that you do not use your video game for educational purposes and instead go to the health authorities.

“The Coronavirus epidemic in China is very worrying and we have received many questions from both the players and the press. Plague Inc. has been available for eight years now and every time an epidemic occurs we notice an increase in sales. People try to find out how a disease spreads, they try to understand the complexity of an epidemic. "

“We tried to create a game that was realistic and that informed about diseases, avoiding exaggerations regarding such a delicate issue. This has also been recognized by the CDC (Centers for the prevention and control of infectious diseases) and other international health authorities. Despite this, remember that Plague Inc. is a game, not a scientific model, and that Coronavirus is something real that is involving a myriad of people. We always recommend that players inquire with health authorities, both local and international. "

La with the BBC reports that Wednesday Plague Inc. has become the best-selling application in China, with comments on the main Chinese social network, Weibo, who said: "The best way to eliminate fear is to look it in the face."