Disco Elysium is an RPG title that has impressed lovers of the genre with its difficulty and depth, but will soon become even more difficult.

If by playing Disco Elysium for a moment you hoped it would be more difficult, your prayers will soon be answered, in fact the developer ZA / UM seems to have perceived this desire and so in the next update we will find the Hardcore mode. Now it is not that the game is known for its magnanimity, on the contrary, the title pushes the player to squeeze his brains as much as possible to overcome the various obstacles, but it takes a certain amount of masochism to want a higher difficulty.

Seriously, the hardcore mode raises the level of checks to pass, which means a significant increase in difficulty. In addition to the checks, we will receive less money, which implies that we should treasure everything we have and in case of reselling part of our inventory to make ends meet, obviously the prices of the items on sale will also be higher. In addition to the economic part, our detective's way of thinking will also change and to think clearly we should come to terms with various violations such as alcohol and cigarettes that will actually help us level up before giving us a hand in the long run .

We hope you will be ready to face Disco Elysium in hardcore mode. What do you think of this new difficulty? Are you looking forward to tackling the game at a higher level or is the challenge already found in the title enough for you?

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