The rumors about Left 4 Dead 3 have returned to make themselves heard. After all, Valve is returning to developing games. Between the surprise announcement of Half-Life: Alyx and another wave of concept art leaked to a contagious Left 4 Dead "trequel", there was a fleeting hope that the fantastic cooperative shooter was ready to return.

But Valve promptly denied the rumors by confirming that Left 4 Dead 3 hasn't been in the plans at the moment and hasn't been in a while.

Valve confirmed in the past that the news of Left 4 Dead's return had been significantly overstated through a statement to IGN.

“We have seen so many rumors in the past two months. We have briefly explored some next generation opportunities for the franchise but are definitely not working on L4D. "" It is clear that some people are enjoying creating misinformation. "

So right now the company isn't interested in a sequel. Never mind, the creators of the series, Turtle Rock Studios, have announced their follow-up, Back 4 Blood.