In the 2020 season, which will start on February 8, all 20 teams of the Overwatch League will be equipped with customized kits for home and away games.

IRVINE, California– (BUSINESS WIRE) –Overwatch League ™ today announced an innovative collaboration with stylist and streetwear clothing giant Jeff Staple to reconfigure, design and create an authentic kit for electronic sports players . These new kits, developed taking into consideration the feedback of the players of the Overwatch League for the creation of a unique style from a visual and tactile point of view for both traditional and electronic sports, offer top quality fabrics, advanced graphic applications, new adjustable side gussets for maximum comfort and a cut and sew fit for greater quality and wearability during the game. In the 2020 season, which will start on February 8, all 20 teams of the Overwatch League will be equipped with customized kits for home and away games.

Staple worked with Overwatch League players throughout the design process to ensure that the kits offered a comfortable and functional uniform to wear during the races, while remaining faithful to the aesthetic style that sets Staple apart. The new kits use a perforated mesh fabric to create light and breathable shirts to balance and regulate the temperature of the players to guarantee maximum comfort. The complete kit includes a short-sleeved shirt, a long-sleeved shirt, a jacket, a compression sheath, a hat and a cap for each of the 20 teams in the league.

"This first collaboration of its kind perfectly reflects the evolution of electronic sports that are establishing themselves as a real lifestyle. It is a success for both the Overwatch League and its fans and for the entire electronic sports industry, "said Daniel Cherry, director of marketing at Activision Blizzard Esports. "We are exceptionally pleased to be able to collaborate with our friend, as well as streetwear clothing legend, Jeff Staple, in the creation of these team kits. The close collaboration between our players and Jeff is visible in the refined details of the design under the aesthetic and tactile profile included in the garments. We are looking forward to seeing these garments worn on the city streets of the Overwatch League teams this season. ”

"I have been following electronic sports for years and am a big admirer of what the Overwatch League has accomplished in this area, so I accepted with enthusiasm their request to design the new kits, "said Staple. "It was a more unique and rare opportunity to combine the best of both worlds, electronic sports and streetwear clothing, to create something truly unique and revolutionary. The kits have been developed to meet the specific needs of the players, but they have also been designed as exceptional garments to be worn outside the game arena. "

Staple has been operating in the sector for over twenty years and has established partnerships with many prestigious fashion, lifestyle and entertainment brands. Its inimitable style, characterized by the Staple pigeon logo known all over the world, adds character to the brand of each team.

Fans will be able to order the new OWL X STAPLE shirts in advance from January 28th on the website

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