Required premise: This article was created to be serious. It tells my experience with Zumba® Burn It Up !, but it deviates from the average review of a video game and aims to give useful information to those who want to exercise in the warmth of their home. I feel qualified to give this information as a doctor in specialist training on metabolic diseases, as well as lazy certified first class. If you are interested in the topic, you are therefore in the right place.

No one is now surprised to read that obesity and being overweight are one of the main problems of our millennium. It is increasingly talked about, even if the size of this epidemic is not clear at all: only in Italy about 25.000 interventions are performed bariatric surgery year. Achieving (and maintaining) a healthy weight depends on a combination of healthy diet and adequate physical activity, two elements that tend to escape us more and more. I don't believe in the prejudice that gamers necessarily follow a more unhealthy lifestyle than others: it's not true, among us there are certainly sedentary people as very athletic, depending on personal habits. Without a doubt, sitting in front of a screen for many hours can bring problems, but this does not mean that you cannot compensate for the rest of the day or week.

For now, let's not talk about dieting: the internet is full of posts about it, and it would be good to stay away from most of them and only talk about it with the health professional who deals with this field. Besides, after the holidays we probably feel guilty enough alone. Physical activity is equally relevant, and is divided into two types: daily activity, and intense activity to be carried out actively in the gym (or in other locations) for a time ranging from 2 and a half hours to 5 hours per week. The daily one consists only in moving more: park far from where you want to go, get off the bus one or two stops earlier, go up the stairs instead of taking the lift ... they seem details but they make the difference. As for the weekly activity, here is a nice obstacle: not everyone has the desire, the time and the economic possibilities to go to the gym, and this stops many people from exercising enough. By (also) dealing with obesity and metabolism, I am always looking for alternative tools to recommend to patients, and I am excited when this world merges with that of video games, since I consider it a great success.

Zumba® Burn It Up! he has been my playmate for the past few weeks, to allow me to evaluate this particular title in the context of software suitable for physical activity. For the uninitiated, Zumba is a form of aerobic training that follows the notes of South American music, such as samba, mambo, merengue, but also others. He alternates moments of intense activity with others that are more relaxed, and this important variation in heart rate is important for its functioning. Studies show that the average person burns 9.5 Kcal / min during a Zumba class: more than good values, considering that the American College of Sport Medicine recommended a consumption of 300 Kcal per training.

In short, Zumba is approved: especially if you are the type of person who loves dancing, you can find benefit in this type of training, both to lose weight and to keep fit. But you get the same result by using a video game like Zumba® Burn It Up! than following a lesson led by a human trainer? One comes to meet us study American, who compared the effects of the two types of training, "virtual" vs live. In one hour of Zumba, the maximum heart rate reached and the oxygen consumption are exactly superimposable in the two activities, as well as the steps taken and the minutes of light / moderate physical activity. The only significant differences are in regards to the average heart rate and minutes of intense physical activity, which are greater when a human trainer is present, probably because in that case we tend to take the activity more seriously, but this is highly subjective. The study therefore strongly recommends this type of video game, and indeed regrets that it is no longer popular. Being able to train at home compared to having to go out makes all the difference in the world for some people.

Zumba® Burn It Up! makes exercise more enjoyable by including a good selection of songs (of which I only knew a couple of them, but gradually I became passionate about them) and pleasant graphics, in addition to the presence of renowned coaches on the screen. The most interesting element of the title is the estimate of the Kcal consumed, which are shown at the end of a workout: they are quite similar to those shown in the studies in this regard, therefore if you really move following the moves on the screen, seriously consume those calories , since it is a good estimate. You can select the intensity of the lesson between light, medium and intense, and it is good to start with the lower one if you are not used to Zumba. As you progress and you are able to tolerate greater physical exertion. The game rewards us with various trophies, enticing us to apply more. In case you want to intensify the activity, you can buy online the Toning Stick, colored dumbbells of various weight.

The result of this pseudo-scientific test of mine is therefore positive. If you are looking for a tool to lose weight without leaving home, which maybe motivates you to move more and exercise, Zumba® Burn It Up! is for you. Used for a sufficient amount of hours (at least 150 minutes a week) and seriously engaging in choreography, this title it is a brilliant substitute for other types of training.