Temtem, the game that allows us to capture and fight in a similar way to Pokémon, comes with a trailer that shows the social features.

Who among you hasn't heard of Temtem? The new Online RPG inspired by the Pokemon saga, which allows us to catch and fight with our favorite monsters and that will soon be in beta, now shows itself with a new trailer where we can admire its social elements inside.

Humble Bundle publisher and Crema developer have joined forces to bring us a new game where we could enjoy a cheerful and wide map going to the adventure, even together with a friend, whether you want to fight in PvP or join forces to beat tough opponents.

One of the features that we see in the trailer is to exchange and go around with whoever we want, friends or new adventurers and in case, we can also join a club. Temtem ensures a campaign lasting 20 hours and more with 4 different Boss Dojo and 76 Temtem to be captured and trained together with the possibility of customizing our character. The game comes very close in becoming an MMO version of Pokémon, at least for now.

If the title inspires you and you're a huge fan of Pokémon, then start keeping an eye on the game also on the Steam page. What do you think of this title? But above all, if you are still not sure about playing Pokemon Swords and Shield, I leave you to our review.