A truly extraordinary event will be held in Japan this summer. The 2020 Olympics? But no, let's talk about the opening of the Super Nintendo World, the amusement park based on the Super Mario universe and, perhaps, not only.

For some time there has been talk of this park, with "stolen" photos that showed its realization, but tonight Nintendo released the first official information, in addition to a music video which ideally shows what to expect.

These are the following what we currently know on Super Nintendo World:

  • the park will open this summer, before the Tokyo Olympics
  • the parks of Hollywood, Orlando and Singapore are already planned
    the slogan is "No limit!"
  • Universal Studios Japan marketing director Ayumu Yamamoto described Super Nintendo World as follows: "Disney is the world of dreams, Universal Studios Japan is the world where, when we wake up, we will make you feel alive!"
  • bracelets called "Power Up Bands" may be used in the park
  • a smartphone application dedicated to the park will also be released

We do not yet have a precise date on the opening of the Super Nintendo World, but it is now a few months. The dream of every nintendaro is about to come true!