Final Fantasy VII Remake e Marvel's Avengers are definitely two of the most anticipated Triple A of this 2020, and it seems that we will have to wait for extra time for both, given that the two titles published by Square Enix both have been postponed. 

To announce the delay in the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake it was the same producer Yoshinori Kitase, explaining that the delay will serve to the studio to finish all the facets of the game before the release, in order to present a better product to the players. Fortunately we won't have to wait who knows how much, since the Final Fantasy VII Remake release has been postponed from 3 March to 10 April, just over a month.

As for the superhero game of Crystal Dynamics we will have to wait a little longer, given that the game, expected for the next 15st May, Was postponed al 4 September 2020, a shame for those who intended to enjoy the summer in the company of Marvel superheroes. The latter also according to the developers, was a shift in the release to make sure that the video game represents everything that the development team has promised to fans of the characters of the House of Ideas, without compromise of any kind .