On PlayStation blog, Sony has officially released the best-selling digital game rankings for both the United States and Europe. The rankings in question focus only on the PlayStation 4 platform and exclude PS3 or PS Vita and are divided into four main categories: PS4 games, PS VR games, free-to-play games and expansions / DLC.

Taking a quick look at the charts, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare e Grand Theft Auto V they climbed the charts respectively in the United States and Europe. Call of Duty is the most downloaded game of 2019 for PS4 owners in the United States. It's not too surprising a statistic, as Call of Duty is traditionally among the best selling games every year. However, in Europe somehow Grand Theft Auto V still manages to reign supreme, which is staggering for a six year old game.

For the other categories, either Apex Legends and Fornite continue to stand out as the best free-to-play, with Apex even managing to outperform Fortnite's huge popularity. For PS VR, Beat Saber was the best-selling VR game in both North America and Europe, while Fortnite's DLC completely dominated the DLC charts in both regions.

However, some of the most interesting statistics that are highlighted by the complete list of bestsellers for PlayStation Store concern the PS4 exclusives, with Days Gone which looks like the best selling digital exclusive of 2019. Among the PS4 exclusives in the ranking we have: God of War and Marvel's Spider-Man, respectively at number 15 and number 20.

For a closer look at the best-selling digital games on the PlayStation Store in 2019, you can consult the tables on the official PlayStation blog.