Bungie, who was in charge of developing Destiny 2, has announced that a shirt will be on the market next week. The profits deriving from the sale of the same, however, will be used for a virtuous cause: fight fires that these days are bringing Australia to its knees and thus safeguarding the local animal species.

Fires in Australia have so far reached over 2000 homes, snatched at least 25 lives, and over a million defenseless animals. The effects have been catastrophic, with smoke-covered cities, entire rural areas severely affected, and prompted requests for help from firefighters from other countries. Up CNET an updated account of the situation is available, as well as information on how you can help. And now, Bungie is directly involved in fundraising.

Destiny 2

In the latest post published by This Week at BungieChristine Edwards, Foundation manager, has announced a particular initiative. A limited edition t-shirt Destiny 2 theme, accompanied by a code to redeem an in-game emblem "Star Light, Star Bright”Will be available on the Bungie Store between 16 and 18 January, until the weekly reset. The design has not yet been made public.

The revenues from the sale of these particular Destiny 2 shirts will be divided between two associations actively engaged in the fight against the phenomenon in question. The first one is WIRES, dedicated to safeguarding the Australian habitat and wildlife. The second, New South Wales Rural Fire Service, on the other hand, has recently been called to fight fires.

Thor's actor, Chris Hemsworth, has already donated a million dollars, and other contributions are coming from many people from all over the world, both from individuals and from real organizations. What do you think of this initiative? Let us know in the comments.