We often read comments like "Pokémon GO is dead"Or"is there still anyone who plays Pokémon GO?", Yet yes, i give show that the game in augmented reality of Niantic is still alive and well in 2019 more than ever.

In fact, the past year has been the best ever in terms of revenues, with well- 894 million dollars: in 2016, the year the game was released, Pokémon GO generated revenues of $ 832 million, down to 589 in 2017 and up to $ 816 million in 2018. Accomplice of these results is certainly theexcellent support by Niantic which, after a slow start, has accelerated development with events and new functions introduced month by month.

Surely the number of players, compared to a few years ago, has drastically decreased, but apparently the remaining players are those most attached to the brand and willing to spend money just to advance in the game.

Pokémon GO is dead? Definitely no.