Respawn invites gamers to Apex Legends al Grand Soirée Arcade Event: the chaos of Apex Legends gets dressed up. With an extraordinarily formal dress code, the big celebrations will allow fans to take part in an exciting event with new modes every two days - By Armed and Dangerous a new exotic surprises - in addition to the exclusive rewards and the possibility of purchasing a wide range of customizations inspired by Art Deco.

Seven time limited rotation modes: experience seven different time-limited modes, with a new mode every two days, including the famous one Armed and Dangerous, and new ways The Revenge of the Mannequins. Each limited-time mode will include three new challenges for a total of 1.000 points. ● Tracking event rewards: the new tracking system offers players more rewards and rewards and new ways to earn them. Complete a series of challenges to accumulate Arcade points and earn more and more prestigious prizes during the event.

  • Weekend Points Bonus: from 19.00 on Friday 17 January to 19.00 on Monday 20 January, players will be able to take part in an additional series of specific challenges for a total of 500 points.

Direct purchase event store: Players will be able to purchase a mix of Legendary Skins and other Art Deco-inspired cosmetics at a price of € 5. Six new Legendary Skins will be made available, and can be obtained in Apex Pack or available fordirect purchase.