It bears the date of just 6 days ago the last one patent registered by Sony concerning the controller that will accompany the getting closer PlayStation 5, according to which Dualshock 5 it will be very similar to its predecessor albeit with some interesting news.

PlayStation 5 - DualShock 5

La frontal of the PlayStation 5 controller will indeed almost completely identical to what has been seen previously: the much discussed touchpad ormai ignored by the vast majority of developers it is still present, as is thespeaker and the rest of the recurring layout in Sony products. It is missing however the PlayStation button: we do not know if why waiting for a restyle o definitely excluded from DualShock 5.

PlayStation 5 - DualShock 5

La main feature of this controller of new generation it is instead identifiable on the Retro, where you can find two slots which will host, as reported by Sony, the additional buttons, very similar in terms of functionality in those present on the series Elite di Xbox and many other third party owned controllers.

The patent continues specifying that the location of these programmable keys is not yet defined, which most likely does not mean that it will be possible to change its positioning, but simply that Sony engineers are still carrying out tests aimed at identify where they will be most ergonomic and easy to reach.

PlayStation 4

Sony recently announced anphysical extension, available for purchase separately, for PlayStation 4 controllers capable of providing them with two additional keys programmable: their intention to feel the waters in anticipation of the integration of this functionality at the launch of their next home console is now clearer than ever. L'final appearance of DualShock 5 will be just that or will be subject to further changes?