Over the course of this week, the giant Square Enix has announced that Gunslinger Stratos is ready to be talked about again, in fact it will arrive on PC and Console as a completely new game.

To be more specific, a new Gunslinger Stratos was under development last August. Still, the nature of the title was unclear until this week, and only today can we confirm that it is not an arcade title.

The producer Nobuki Kadoi explained that the new title will not arrive on the cabinets, but directly available on PC and console, in order to guarantee a greater audience appeal on a global scale. The most particular thing however is that Kadoi will leave Square Enix at the end of 2020 and Makoto Ono will take his place. It is necessary to remember that Kadoi has been involved in projects such as Final Fantasy Tactics, Star Ocean: First Departure and the Valkyrie Profile, also in the administrative section.