It's a great day for free games. The series of gifts from is about to end Epic Games Store but at the same time you can take advantage of a promotion on GOG. The software house Event Horizon offers his role play, Tower of time, free for the next 46 hours. PC players can access the game page and add it to their account.

Tower of Time is a dungeon crawler with an innovative real-time combat system which allows you to pause or slow down time. The game also features RPG elements in addition to the permadeath mechanics.

With a longevity that settles on 50 hours of play, hand-made levels and a long story told through videos, Tower of Time really seems an interesting title with over 150 enemies with unique skills and tactics, 50 bosses and a great variety of loot.

To redeem the free copy, simply connect to the following link, click on Go to giveaway and on the page that opens slightly go down in order to find the green button with which you can add the game to your profile.