Nintendo Switch seems to have no brakes: the hybrid console Nintendo continues to grind hits thanks to a enviable stock of titles and to a promise of play everywhere maintained at best. Where it seems instead find it hard is in the constructive quality especially of the Joy-Con, criticized since the moment of release.

The now famous problem of Joy-Con Drift, revealed long ago e never completely resolved from Great N, caused the Nintendo Switch to be named as most fragile product of the year for a consumer association French.

Nintendo tried to stem the situation offering Joy-Con's replacement to all those who controllers show the above mentioned problem, but it seems that not even on the occasion of the release of the 2019 model how much of that Lite the console has seen the solution to the problem of Joy-Con Drift.

In a recent interview the president of Nintendo of America Doug Bowser commented on the matter this way:

Our goal is to build quality products that ensure players have a fantastic experience. We are continuously working to improve more and more, but we mainly want consumers to have fun. If this does not happen, we invite you to contact our customer support service, who will do everything possible to help them. Over the past few months, we have dealt with the problems we have faced in this way, and we hope to have fully helped the buyers of our products.

La dedication of Nintendo in wanting to offer quality products and impeccable after-sales service is to be admired, but as players we hope that a definitive solution is soon identified to the problem that is definitely marking the success of Nintendo Switch in a negative way.