2020 has yet to begin, but the direction that the video game industry will take over the year already seems more than that defined. Between consoles of new generation and the usual ones remake e reboot of titles from the past, a new one and so far unexplored genre seems to take powerfully foot among the developers here The Alien Cube, adventure Lovecraftian horror.

The Alien Cube

It is not the first time we have heard of this Lovecraftian horror, named just a few months ago by the developers of Transient, another title that will be added to the platform Steam during 2020. The ingredients seem to be the same: gloomy atmospheres and distorted and mysterious realities, accompanied by a soundtrack to scream.

The Alien Cube

Based on the graphics engine CryEngine, known for laying the foundations for such titles Crysis e Far Cry, you can already get a taste of The Alien Cube today by downloading the demo on Steam made available by the main manager Alessandro Guzzo (author of the title The Land of Pain) during the past few hours. The developer also took care of sharing the main ones features of the title, shown below:

  • SURVIVE - Walk around snowy forests, face harsh weather conditions and travel through otherworldly lands and eerie undergrounds.
  • HORROR Lovecraftian - Experience an atmosphere of decadence and terror, in an attempt to dig up an incomprehensible reality.
  • EXPLORE & INTERACT - Discover creepy places, find objects that allow you to solve puzzles and clues that help you reveal their mysteries.
  • EXTRAORDINARY GRAPHICS - Developed through CryEngine 5, which gives access to photogrammetric graphics and powerful visual effects.
  • INVOLVING AUDIO - A high quality soundtrack and realistic sound effects will return an incredibly truthful horror experience.
  • THE LAND OF PAIN - Investigate the past of your uncle, the protagonist of the game The Land of Pain, to find out the truth about his past and the way in which these two titles are linked together.

You have already taken a look at demo by The Alien Cube? 2020 will be studded of titles of the Lovecraftian horror genre or these will be the only exponents? We just have to wait to find out.