Today, 19th December, the Christmas sales on theEpic Games Store, and in addition to a sea of ​​juicy offers, the company has decided to give away a game everyday until next time 1 January. 

The title of the first day is Into The Breach, the turn-based strategy created by Subset Games in collaboration with Chris Avellone, the historical storywriter of Fallout. To redeem the title, just follow this link for the Epic Games store by next 24 hours. 

The 12 free titles will have to be redeemed each day one at a time, and once the next one is available, the previous one will no longer be free. Do not worry though, even if in these days you will be far from home you can easily log on browser mobile devices of your phone and redeem the games directly from the Epic website, without the need to have a computer at hand.