Il success found by The Outer Worlds seems to have convinced the developers to release in near future a full-bodied DLC that will also go to extend the narrative.

Created by Obsidian Entertainment and made available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and soon also on Nintendo Switch, The Outer Worlds is a RPG in first person with many elements in common with another project born of the same developers, Fallout: New Vegas, so much so that it is often considered "the spiritual heir".

The Outer Worlds

The first information regarding his DLC comes directly from official forum of Obsidian, where to speak was the Social Media Manager of the company. Shaila has indeed stated the following:

"I want to thank everyone who voted for us at the Game Awards for the fantastic support we received. The warm welcome you have given to The Outer Worls was incredible to admire, and even having been nominated is a great achievement for us. However, our journey is not yet over, and we are happy to announce that over the course of the next year the history of the title will be further expanded through DLC! More details will be available to follow. "

Obsidian Entertainment has received over the years Games Awards 2019 the nomination for Best Fiction, and their interest in theexpand further this aspect of their already immense title can only make us hope for a project increasingly valid.

The Outer Worlds will be released on Nintendo Switch will be released on Nintendo Switch during first quarter of 2020. You already have a copy of the title or you will wait for it portable version to recover it?