Xbox Series X is the name of the next generation of Xbox, formerly known by its code name Xbox Scarlett.

The announcement was made during the The Game Awards 2019 and we also know that the new console will arrive at Christmas 2020. After a mysterious trailer the Xbox Series X was seen in all its blocky glory. Physically minded players don't have to worry, it's equipped with an optical reader. The new Microsoft console looks a lot like a small gaming PC.

Phil Spencer took the stage to talk about the games we can expect at the launch of Xbox Series X. The titles will be "More realistic, engaging and surprising" and Xbox Series X "Will lead us into the future of games". He also stated that 15 Xbox Game Studios, the proprietary software houses of Microsoft, are already working to make a series of titles that will be offered at launch and in the following period. There consul was presented along with the trailer for Senua's Saga: Hellblade II.

And of course, with a new console comes a new controller.

The Xbox wireless controller has improved dimensions and shape and is optimized compared to those currently on the market. In addition to better accessibility, there will also be a dedicated sharing button that will allow you to share screen shots and videos with your friends. In addition, the console will be fully backward compatible both in terms of games (the ones for the first Xbox will be reproducible but it is still not clear how) that the accessories and pads. From the name it also seems that this is not a single console as much as, indeed, of one console series, perhaps with different power and prices but we have no news on the matter.

We do not yet know the exact specifications of Xbox Series X or how much it will cost, but we can put together some information.

We have known for some time that the console would have an AMD Zen 2 processor, like the Ryzen 5 3600, but we still don't know what that chip will be like. Similarly, we know that the GPU will be based on the AMD RDNA graphics architecture that was previewed with AMD Navi in ​​July but even in this case we have no more precise information on the matter. Support to the ray tracing, variable update rate e resolution 8K.

According to the Microsoft page, the console will mount a Superfast SSD which "will virtually eliminate loading times". It seems that Microsoft is really aiming for the native 4K 60 fps. We just have to wait for the company to reveal more about the console's technical specifications.