During the The Game Awards 2019, Amazon is finally back to talk about New World, MMO whose release is scheduled for spring of the 2020. New World will present large-scale battles as well as fortress sieges.

Here is what is written in a press release concerning the game:

New World is an open world MMO set in the twilight of the Era of Exploration, during the 17 century. In New World, players are opposed to the wild nature of a mysterious island known as Aeternum. Success in the "New World" depends on the players' ability to conquer not only companies of rival players, but the dark soul of Aeternum himself as he unleashes legions of undead, determined to purify them from his shores. In its instability, Aeternum is chaotic but full of opportunities for soldiers, explorers, artisans and empire builders.

Here instead is what was said by Christoph Hartmann, vice president of Amazon Games:

We want players to feel the depth - and danger - of the New World from the moment they land on the shores of Aeternum in May 2020. Our team has worked tirelessly to create a deep and engaging world that offers challenges and surprises on every corner, and we're excited to reveal a little more about it today.