After the PC launch in December 2014, The Talos Principle has landed on Nintendo Switch, five years after its debut.

The Talos Principle

This is a single player game produced by the Croatian developer Croteam, the creators of the series Serious Sam, and offered to the public nothing less than five years ago. The Talos Principle offers well 120 environmental puzzles, and sees the players engaged in exploring ancient ruins strewn with various technological residues.

Here is a list of the main features directly from the game page:

  • Explore more of 120 immersive puzzles in a breathtaking world.
  • Deviate drones, manipulate laser beams and replicate time to prove your worth - or to look for a way out.
  • Discover a story of humanity, technology and civilization. Discover clues, gather evidence, and clarify the reality around you.
  • Choose your path in a non-linear game world, solving puzzles in the order you prefer.

The Talos Principle

Still no clarification regarding what makes this one "Deluxe Edition". However, the game will occupy 3,5GB and it will cost roughly 27 €. Surely it is a nice surprise to see him arrive on Nintendo Switch, can't you find?