The most famous football manager in the world comes back up Nintendo Switch in its version optimized for portable devices. Football Manager 2020 Touch is available for the Nintendo console and allows you to experience all the excitement of a season on the bench in a version designed to make the most of Switch's innovative control systems.

The Touch Manager version of Football Manager condenses in a linear and essential way the classic experience of Football Manager and allows virtual coaches to live the seasons in an agile way, dedicating to the most important aspects of team management without the need to take care of every little detail. F Touch arrives on Switch with a version that still has many of the improvements and updates of the classic version of FM20.

Here are some of the most important news this year:

Company vision
Each club has its own culture that needs to be developed and it is necessary to work with the management to establish and achieve precise objectives, giving rise to a five-year plan that combines sporting and corporate aspects.

Development center
The future of each team starts from the nursery. In the new compact and essential screen of the Development Center you can find all the information needed to develop young talents and turn them into the stars of tomorrow.

Improved contract negotiations
A new interface makes the negotiations to negotiate the simplest and most legible contracts. The introduction of the word “minutaggio” in the agreements makes it possible to have a much clearer idea of ​​how much each player expects to be employed during his stay at the club.

Improved graphics
The three-dimensional models of players and coaches have been completely redesigned, while the lighting system and the performance of the playing field have been profoundly improved to give life to the most beautiful game experience ever.

Golden generation and dream transfer
Ensure the presence of a generation of phenomena in your nursery with the new unlockable "Golden Generation" content, or immediately bring the player of your dreams into your team with the "Dream Transfer" consumable.