Adobe wants to enter more and more into the world of virtual reality and the proof lies precisely in the latest acquisition made: the company has indeed announced the purchase of Oculus Medium, a tool for Virtual Reality born from the Oculus division of Facebook.

Presented in the 2016, Medium only works with the Oculus Rift VR viewer and allows you to sculpt, shape and draw, something that Adobe wants to exploit to create an offer of VR, 3D and immersive design services. Medium will therefore be added to the already extensive and excellent suite of programs for professionals it includes Photoshop, Size, After Effects, Substance e Aero.

that's how Sebastien Deguy, Vice President in charge of 3D and Adobe immersive technologies, spoke of this new acquisition:

The Medium team and its technologies are an exciting addition to Adobe, aiming to accelerate our commitment to 3D and immersive tools. The integration of Medium tools and its technologies will greatly contribute to our immersive 3D strategy.

A really important purchase for Adobe, which combined with Substance (smart texture system used in the creation of 3D content) will allow a significant step forward for the "next generation of 3D tools".