The creators of Pokemon Go and Qualcomm have decided to join forces to produce augmented reality glasses.

So the two companies have formalized their union to build AR glasses and it looks like Niantic and Qualcomm are already working on the project.

Think, in the future we should no longer hold our smartphones to play Pokemon Go or other titles that make augmented reality their strength. The "multi-year joint collaboration" includes the development of software but also of the hardware part of the product, according to Niantic, but at the same time we have no information on when we could see this product in our stores.

What we do know, however, is that glasses will have an AI to make, always using Pokemon Go as a reference, the creatures on our screen even more realistic, moreover we will also have support for 5g so as to make gaming sessions fluid by curbing the problems of buffering or frame rate slowdowns, even in crowded places.

The next generation of glasses will be used by Qualcomm as a reference for the new Snapdragon XR2 platform that compared to its predecessor XR1, should guarantee an 3K resolution to 90 fps per eye, without forgetting support for several cameras for tracking.

Several manufacturers are interested in the work done by Qualcomm, so it is likely that in the 2020 we will see a fair number of devices similar to Google Glass appearing on the market. Currently Apple also seems to be working on a similar project.

What do you think of the collaboration between Niantic and Qualcomm? Do you hope for the realization of a product that can definitively clear augmented reality?

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