Just in time for the holidays, DICE has revitalized Wake Island, without doubt the most popular map in the history of Battlefield. The beloved map will be launched for free Thursday 12 December, in conjunction with the last update of Tides of War, Chapter 5: War in the Pacific.

Wake Island was born as an E3 demo for the original game Battlefield 1942 in the 2002. Since then, the map has appeared in numerous games of Battlefield, Including: Battlefield 1943, Battlefield 2, Battlefield 3 and now Battlefield V.

Battlefield veterans will be able to review this iconic map using the same classic layout, but now with the appearance, the sounds and characteristics of Battlefield V which includes innovative game mechanisms. Wake Island is characterized by both fast actions with the Breakthrough mode and by the traditional Conquest Assault mode. Both game modes will ensure constant action when teams are ready to take on their goal.

On the occasion of the return of Wake Island, DICE has released a new trailer.

Listed below are some suggestions, compiled by the developers themselves, to help soldiers prepare for battle and secure victory in Wake Island:

  • In Breakthrough, in the first sector the attackers get tanks unlike the defenders. So if you're attacking, take advantage of it. Moreover, if you notice that the defenders are hiding inside the Hotel, take it down! The defenders, for their part, can build fortifications to defend themselves from attacks.
  • Attackers can also find ways to destroy the Hangar, so defenders should install tank traps as early as possible to prevent them from reaching the hangar.
  • Some bunkers can be destroyed, others not. By creating underground routes, the defenders can use the tunnels that lead to the bunkers to their advantage.
  • In the last sector it is possible to request the reinforcements of artillery or missiles. Use them.
  • Don't underestimate small boats! They are fast, agile and perfect for traveling.