The development of Xbox Scarlett seems to be at a good point, so much so that Phil Spencer he has one at home.

The head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, revealed this news on Twitter. He also seems to be using the console to play current games online along with other Xbox One players.

And he also seems to be using it a lot since he calls it his "primary" console. Obviously we already know that this new generation console is designed keeping in mind also the backward compatibility factor but the details on how it will work are not yet clear. The same goes for the future Sony console, Playstation 5.

According to some rumors, it also seems that Microsoft is realizing not one but well two consoles for the next generation. It seems that the Xbox Scarlett will be joined by another, less powerful console, cge will be published along with the flagship. It seems that the company, for this cheaper model, is aiming for 1440p / 60fps, without an optical reader. The code name is Lockheart.